HOW TO CHARGE SUREM.NET ACCOUNT allows every new subscriber to send 5 FREE messages to any country of the world. But once those are used up, you need to purchase more credits to send SMS. Here’s how you do it :

  1. Login to your SureM.Net account

2016-05-10 09;32;12

2. Then move to the “Purchase credit” tab

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Among the payment options are Paypal, Eximbay and Wire transfer.

Currently, Paypal allows purchasing the credit in any currency supported by the electronic payment system, while Wire transfer can only be accepted in USD.

For either option, you MUST contact SureM to have your credits added :

  • Send an e-mail to or stating :
    • Your surem login (ID)
    • Paypal address you used for making the payment (your paypal account name)

Once your purchased is confirmed the credits will be added to your account!


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